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General Session

Carlos Rodriguez, Happy Sonship

Call to Action

Dr. Bryan McCabe & Carlos Rodriguez

   Hear from Dr. Bryan McCabe and Carlos A Rodriguez as they give us some practical ways to live out our extraordinary calling to love.

Racial Reconciliation

Join Dr. Bryan McCabe and three panelist as they talk about the church’s role in racial reconciliation.

Q&A with Carols

Listen in as our Imagine 2018 attendees get the opportunity to ask Carlos the questions on their hearts and minds.

Benefits of Boundaries

Learn about Biblical hospitality, how to serve as a family, and how to put your love into action as we explore how to practice Biblical hospitality and serve children and families in crisis through Safe Families for Children.

Discipleship Mentoring

Mentoring is more than just mentoring when you’re a disciple of Jesus Christ. One life fully surrendered to Jesus Christ can make an impact and change the world. Hear from this panel of mentors and mentees from Urban Impact.

Expanding the Definition of Neighbor

Join Javi Diaz from World Vision and learn how the church is engaging around the world by expanding their definition of neighbor. Learn about practical ministry opportunities for churches to engage locally and serve globally.

Youth and Today's Drug Culture

This session explores the modern day drug culture and its impact on youth including the progression from alcohol to heroin. In addition it will explain the risk factors that can potentially lead to drug experimentation and addiction. Parents/caregivers are given ways to be equipped and understand what they can do to safeguard their children.

2017 Videos

Watch Pastor Eugene Cho’s
Keynote Address
from Imagine 2017

Pastor Eugene Cho, Quest Church

Learn what it means to live out the whole gospel.

Friday Night Stories

Panel Moderator, Pastor Saleem Ghubril

Hear from completely average people, who obeyed God on a journey to live out their extraordinary calling to love right here in the Pittsburgh region.

Call to Action

Shannon Libengood, Mission Director, North Way

Don’t be overwhelmed by the massive number of needs around us and choose instead to ask God, “Who is my one?” Hear Gabby’s story, which is a culmination of many “one next steps” for Gabby on her journey of living out an extraordinary calling to love.

General Session:
Living Out an Extraordinary
Calling to Love

Panel Leader: Christi Rooke, Cityview Church

Stories from a group of panelists about stepping out in obedience to God’s call to love, how they overcame their fears, and the blessings they have discovered through their journey.

Human Trafficking
Foster Care Youth

Dave Case, MSW University of Pittsburgh

Children and Youth who are active in the Child Welfare system are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, (CSEC), is growing in the United States and is present, active and seemingly thriving, right here in Western PA. This breakout is intended to open the eyes of those who may not be aware of the presence of CSEC in our communities as well as educate and move to action those involved and actively working to protect children in “the system”.

Finding Hope:
Parenting Children with Trauma

Shivonne Costa, MSW, Mommyhood SFS

Raising children with trauma issues can be traumatic for the adults involved in these kids’ lives. This session will provide hope and encouragement, as well as build an understanding of how trauma affects the brain, behaviors, and attachments. Once we allow ourselves to accept that we did not cause these issues and we are not responsible for “fixing” children, we can then stop taking on guilt and blame, choosing to live freely in Christ and by His daily grace.

Navigating Diversity
with Love:
Understanding Cultural Differences

Dave Groetzinger, In the Steps of Boaz

We live in an ever-changing world in which globalization has become the norm, and our encounters with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds have become an everyday occurrence. Gain a basic understanding about the underlying cultural framework that shapes every aspect of a person’s life and grow in your competency for building bridges with your neighbors both near and far!

Caring for Children
of Promise: Amachi

Pam Surano, Amachi Pittsburgh

The session will shed light on the issues impacting children who have incarcerated parents and discuss the multiple ways that people of faith can assist the currently incarcerated, the returning citizens, their families, and the communities to which they return.