Arguably, the most powerful word in existence, and even more so in action. Love is a force like no other. It covers a multitude of sins and darkness, including hatred, racism, fear, and indifference. Love gets so watered down, as we use it to describe our emotions about one thing or another, but true, pure, unconditional love comes from the Father and can only be felt when we give ourselves over to the Creator (who Himself is love) and made us in His image.

Once we experience the love of our Heavenly Father, we can’t help but want to share that love with others. After all, being created in His image has already branded us with the inherent blueprint of love inside our beings. It should be natural then to allow that love to overflow and lead us into actions that showcase it to our neighbors.

Love bridges the divide that separates us from God and from our neighbors.

Just as Jesus told His disciples that they would be known by how they love one another, so we too ought to be known for how we love.

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:35

We long to see each person loved deeply, and in turn, deeply loving others.

It is this conviction that fuels our service to the refugee communities of Pittsburgh. It is our belief that God is great and that His love has no limits. We seek to love our new neighbors who find themselves in our land, and through our actions, display His love to them.

Want to join us in deeply loving our new neighbors? Agapao is a ministry of Christ-followers who are committed to creating longstanding relationships and compassionately loving their neighbors, while also meeting their practical and relational needs. We long to see refugee communities where God’s love is poured out and all needs are met and His name is glorified! And we’d love for you to join us.

Jennifer Gebhardt, Agapao Ministry

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  1. Hello, I was just curious if you guys had a date for the conference in June in Pittsburgh?

    Thank you!

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