A Daughter of The One True King

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I am a Princess!

A Daughter of the one true King. Valued. Chosen. And Special!

I’ve known this my whole life. I’ve had the privilege of growing up in a family and a culture that values women. Now I know there is discrimination, sexism, and #metoo awfulness everywhere. But in general, women are valued. Doors are opened for them, knees are knelt for them, heavy items are carried for them, men stand for them when they enter a room and will give their seats up for them, and on and on.

I grew up feeling special because I AM female. I wasn’t treated as a servant or a man’s property. I was a girl with the same opportunities as if I was a boy.

But that’s not the case everywhere. Many girls grow up in cultures where they began to work, cook and clean at a very young age. Where education is unachievable because they are needed to help in the home. Helping to care for babies even though they are only small children themselves. Where they cook for the family, walk and fetch water from a well, clean the house and start all over again the next day. And this is their responsibility because they are a girl and not a boy.

I can only imagine the conflict within, as I would struggle to understand my place in God’s Kingdom.

I can only imagine the conflict within, as they struggle to understand their place in God’s Kingdom.

And the struggle gets deeper. In one such culture girls are often left behind. A culture where only 2% of girls ever graduate high school. Where girls have a higher likelihood of being abused or becoming pregnant by the time they turn 13 or 14 than of graduation. A 30% chance of being pregnant by the time they are 15 and only a 2% chance of graduation. Where being beaten for any minor offense is acceptable by cultures standard. Can you imagine how they might struggle to understand their place in God’s Kingdom.

Well let me tell you about an opportunity I got to see, firsthand. It started with an amazing group of women. Many of these ladies had visited these girls before, and God placed a desire to share with them how God see’s them. God drew their hearts for this people group, a plan was hatched, schedules were organized, money was raised and prayers laid the way. And God showed up big. I mean BIG!

You see 10 women and 2 high school girls left their families, schedules and the comforts of home to be with 64 girls who attend Lifesong’s school in Zambia. After a day of fantastic teaching by Pastor Tony Evans and his daughter Chrystal Hurst video series on what it means to be the daughter of the one true King, along with lessons by our team members, quality time playing games and sharing lives we started to hear things like…

“I am finding answers to questions I have always had.”
“I have never heard a black man say these things about a woman before.”
“Can you please get this material to our pastor so we can watch it again?”
“Where can we find more teaching like this?”
“I have never seen a black woman preach like this.”

These are just a few of the comments that resonated throughout the campgrounds all weekend. All because 10 women said yes to God’s leading. Yes, I will go.

These girls saw, heard, and experienced how God loves them and how His plan has always included them as an integral part. How God’s love surpasses every cultural norm and that they can be chain breakers for their communities. How He wants them as His daughters, as princesses in His Kingdom.

We are still praying that these precious princesses will learn more and more about their Father, Lord, and King. Finding their hope and purpose wholly in Him. We had many girls ask for prayer because they were facing difficult things in their lives. Things we have faced and things we couldn’t ever imagine. We are not done loving these princesses and are looking forward to what the future has in store. How God will use them to show others their value in His Kingdom.

What has God drawn your heart to? Have you said yes? Are you afraid you just aren’t qualified? Let me encourage you that if God is drawing your heart to something, He is pleading with you to say yes. And when you say yes…get ready. He will show up!

Just as God’s not done with you and me, we know God is not done with his girls. Why? Because today is their miracle day and they are God’s girls. His princesses!

Sandy Spengler serves as Regional Director for Lifesong in the Texas and Oklahoma area. She and her husband served as missionaries with Lifesong Zambia and continue to advocate for the children and people there.

Thank you to Lifesong for allowing us to repost this blog post.

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