10 Simple Ways to Build a Culture of Life

On Sunday, January 21 churches across the country will acknowledge the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. This is a day set aside each year for the Christian community to celebrate the incredible gift of life, and acknowledge and advocate for all of those still struggling in the margins.

The unborn children, the single mom struggling to make ends meet, the birth parents, the mom whose children were placed in foster care, the children who are abused or neglected, those in poverty, orphans across the world, those suffering the effects of a past abortion, those suffering from heartbreaking loss, the refugees, those dealing with special needs, those suffering great injustices…and so many more.

Because although the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday was created as a way to acknowledge the abortion epidemic of our day, the sanctity of human life is about caring for every life at every stage.

To be truly pro-life we must of course defend the unborn, but we also must defend the born. The children, adults, the elderly.

Our job to love others does not stop once a child is born.  In fact, it is just beginning.

Some of our ministry team is preparing to attend the Evangelicals for Life Conference and the March for Life in Washington, D.C. We are excited to be among so many people who are passionate about building a culture that values all lives as unique representations of the image of God and we are thrilled to be adding our voices to the crowd.

But rest assured, you don’t have to march on Capitol Hill to promote the Sanctity of Life this January.

You can build a culture of life right here, in your own backyard, all throughout the year.

And we want to help you do it.

So whether you’re marching with us, or you’re skipping the frostbite this year we’ve compiled a list of 10 simple ways that you can promote a culture of life on a regular basis.  Why not pick something new to try out for awhile?  We’d love to hear how it goes!

1. Get educated.
You’re already well on your way by reading the Imagine blog!  You could also engage with Embrace Life Ministries on Facebook and Instagram and join our email list. We share information related to the Sanctity of Life and help you become aware of local opportunities to serve.

2. Make life disciples.
In partnership with Women’s Choice Network and Care Net we are so excited to be able to offer the Making Life Disciples curriculum. This is a 6 week small group study centered around the sanctity of human life. It’s an excellent way for your group to learn about these issues and could be an onramp to some life-changing service opportunities. Contact us to learn more: embracelife@northway.org

3. Speak up in love.
Don’t be afraid to communicate about abortion, just be sure to do so out of love and compassion, and full of grace. As a Christian community may we seek to be known more for what we are for than what we are against. Change is made in the context of loving relationships, not anger and condemnation.

4. Encourage healing opportunities.
Did you know it is estimated that 1 in 3 women have had an abortion? That means that most likely someone in your circles could benefit from healing. By sharing about Broken Vessels, or other healing groups you provide discreet and non-confronting ways for women to find healing. You also promote the message of grace.

5. Participate in our baby showers.
Did you know we throw a baby shower for several single and pregnant moms each fall and spring? This is a fun and easy way to bless someone who has made the choice for life.  Not local to Pittsburgh? See if there’s an Embrace Grace Group where you can serve that is local to you!

6. Provide childcare.
Many organizations have a space for you to play with toddlers, help older kids with homework, and snuggle newborns while mamas take some time to participate in a Bible Study and grow closer to Jesus.

7. Encourage hearts after loss.
It is estimated that 1 in 4 women have experienced a miscarriage. And many others have struggled through infertility, or have lost a child in another way. Why not take a few minutes to write them a note of encouragement or send some flowers. This type of loss can be so isolating. Acknowledging their pain and their child’s life can help create a safe space for them to mourn.

8. Visit the elderly.
We believe that life is valuable and precious from conception until natural death. Why not spend some time investing in the lives of the older people in your life? Visit your grandparents, read to a great aunt, shovel your neighbor’s walkway, or visit your local nursing home.

9. Serve youth and families.

Invest in the younger generation! Mentor through L.A.M.P.Aliquippa Impact  or another organization. Serve in Kids Church, help out with a vacation Bible School.  The younger generations need you now, more than ever. Know a single mom? Or a family whose child has special needs? Or any foster or adoptive families? Take them a meal, really get to know their children, offer respite and support.

10. Serve individuals with special needs.

Many local churches have special ministries and programs designed to come around children and adults who have developmental disabilities. Seek it out. Get involved. 



Remember others in your prayers and pray for those who are working to promote the sanctity of life.  May we never forget this vital part of all ministry!


Embrace Life is a ministry of North Way Christian Community. Guided by love and compassion, their mission is to build a culture in which every single individual is valued as a unique representation of the Image of God.

Contact embracelife@northway.org to learn more, or find them on social media:





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