Over the past 10 years, the Imagine Conference has drawn hundreds of
ordinary men and women who have dared to ask extraordinary questions.

What does it really look like to love the people around me? What did Jesus mean when He said to care for the orphan, the widow and the sojourner?  Who is my neighbor?  And where do I even begin?

The Imagine Conference and Imagine Events equip, educate and engage believers in the biblical call to care for the vulnerable, the lonely, the hurting and the at-risk people around them. During the two-day conference and the smaller events throughout the year, participants will hear powerful stories, compelling speakers, attend breakout sessions and meet other like-minded people interested in seeking justice and living out love in areas like family preservation, mentoring, ministry to refugees, adoption and foster care, missions,  human trafficking and embracing all life as made in the image of God.